I am a clasically trained percussionist, who works across genres and art fields. I am a part of the experimental sound collective We like We with whom I compose and play in a variety of projects.
I work solistically, in different chamber music constellations, music installations and theatre.

I have a bachelor’s degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music and a Master’s Degree from Musikhögskolan in Malmö.



We like We is an experimental performance and sound quartet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Praising the collective We like We focuses on a collaborative working ethos utilizing a unique mix of instruments and musical background. We like We consists of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Josefine Opsahl (cello), Katinka Fogh Vindelev (voice) and Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion).

All four are classically trained, but share a desire for exploring, experimenting, jamming and shaping a sound of their own. Expanding their inspiration and influence from the classical roots We like We makes music driven by intuition and playfulness. Through their collaborative compositions We like We creates music that travels beyond the grid of genres.

Their first album a new Age of Sensibility was released November 2014 at the Danish label, The Being Music. We like We's second album was released on the Berlin label Sonic Pieces in November 2017.

Since then, they have been touring and playing concerts at venues like Roskilde Festival (DK), Fusion Festival (DE), Classical:NEXT (Rotterdam), Festival Nordicos (ES) and Festival Musica Estranha (BR).

We like We premiered their newly written opera Myte om Mørke / Myth of Darkness during Copenhagen Opera Festival 2019. The opera was comissioned by NordicOpera.



A collaboration between the sound collective We like We and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard,
Time is Local is a 12-hour multichannel performance and live installation, in which the interplay and synergies between space, time and resonance are researched.
Time is Local is a study of sound in time and space – a tribute to the individual perception of the moment of now.
The twelve hour long piece was composed for and at Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen and premiered during G((o))ng Tomorrow Festival  November 2017.
In september 2019 we will release the album version on Sonic Pieces. Check out the first single Clotho here.



An activist band whose main focus is to work for refugee rights. In 2017, the band released their first album Pro Monarkistisk Extratone – a very radical activist record. In 2019 we released the album 21 100% X-tra Kone Standarder. Follow the band on their facebook page here.


Past projects:

AGONY // an Eating Opera: Opera written by Line Tjørnhøj. Performed at Godsbanen, Aarhus, November 2017

TEATER TUGT // præsenterer Nyhederne på Betty: For six months, between November 2016 and April 2017, the Theatre Collective Teater Tugt invited artist from all kinds of artistic fields to the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen to make and perform their versions of the current news. Read more here.

LEAVES // The Colour of Falling: Opera written by Efterklang and Karsten Fundal. Premiered in the old atomar basements during the Copenhagen Opera Festival. The opera has since then been recorded in to an album released in November 2016.